RTT Exclusive Interview : Flux Pavilion Talks New Album, Riff Raff, and Going Back to His Roots


Flux Pavilion's debut full length album, Tesla, dropped on September 18th. Of course with any album, comes the tour. As we sit down for our interview, Flux is busy handrolling a cigarette and exclaims how great it is to finally have something to promote and talk about in interviews. I was lucky enough to talk to Flux Pavilion a couple of hours before he took the stage at Aragon … [Read more...]

Over One Thousand Words w/ Trap Queens Duelle


They are not identical twins, in fact sister two years apart, but they talk alike and finish each other's sentences as if they've got that intuition. Cute accents with a tinge of upstate New York, that totally offset the massive sounds they create. Duelle lives in Florida, and are soon migrating to the mecca of dance music, Los Angles. From Florida, making trap music, and … [Read more...]

Joyryde – Give My Love [Free Download]


So much love to give on this new Joyryde tune. 80's dance music feels, pedaling bass line and drums pumping in the intro. The bass and drums come together in one hell of a drop, after which, complete madness ensues. Crazy, really heavy house vocals mix in with the rest of the instrumentals, and all of it spins around and around in over four minutes of tunage to which you can … [Read more...]

PREMIERE: Stylust Beats – Shambhala 2015 Live @ The Village Stage. Hosted by Emotionz.


If you've gone to Shambhala before then you know that Stylust Beats' set is not one you want to miss. He always plays right as the sun is going down on Friday night at The Village. Shambhala does this because they know that he is going to kick off the night right and get everyone hyped up for the rest of the weekend. Stylust utilized his full arsenal this year playing hip … [Read more...]

CLIQUE – AMF x Bailo Beatz + Interview w/ Bailo Beatz


The Buygore name carries with it a multitude of connotations. With Borgore at its helm the label guaranteed, at the very least, to keep things interesting from its inception. That they have, rooted in absurdity and boasting a roster of top notch trolls whose careers exploded as members of the Buygore family. An odd and eclectic bunch of individuals whose epic ridiculousness is … [Read more...]

CONTEST : Win tickets to Flux Pavillion, LOUDPVCK, Brillz + an exclusive meet and greet with LOUDPVCK – Chicago


Chicago, do we have a treat for you! Coming at you October 2nd at The Aragon Ballroom is one of the most stacked shows in a long time. Flux Pavillion, Brillz and LOUDPVCK are teaming up to each bring their own distinct style of danceable chaos to Chicago. We loved this lineup so much that we organized something special, exclusively for one of our Run The Trap readers. One … [Read more...]

SKULS – Lost Knowledge EP

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.21.51 PM

Trap can be tricky these days. It true that the essence of this misunderstood genre is floating on a life raft somewhere in that infinite sea, staring around at so called fam and squad, overusing hashtags and memes to buy likes and fake fans, only to find itself surrounded savage beasts trying to devour it whole. But savage has taken on new meaning, and in the abyss of … [Read more...]

Ivy Levan – 27 Club (Prod. Diplo) [Oji X Volta Remix]


Damn this remix seriously hits hard. The drop in this track is severely whacky and as left-field as usual Oji X Volta production. The Brooklyn-meets-Puerto Rico duo has spent all summer dropping these mechanical-sounding, industrial trap type remixes. They've stepped to new levels with their refreshingly new take on the Diplo produced Ivy Levan track. This duo has expertly … [Read more...]