Adventure Club Saves the Day Again With Superheroes Anonymous, Volume Seven

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.31.45 AM

Like some moment of historical significance, I remember just where I was when I heard the first installment of Adventure Club's Superheroes Anonymous mixtapes. Feels too real to convey in this article. It was in that moment that their music grabbed hold of me, a point in my adult life from which there was no turning back. Here is something I wrote about volume 5, just over a … [Read more...]

Listen to GTA’s Hard Summer 2015 Set

GTA hard summer

GTA just dropped off their set from Hard Summer Music Festival 2015. In classic GTA 'Death to genres' fashion, they have trouble sticking to one genre as they seamlessly bounce from trap, to house, to R & B to drum n bass, and everything in between. You can hear the rowdiness of the crowd in between drops. If you're feeling this, make sure to check out GTA on their … [Read more...]

Keys N Krates – I Know U

I know u

Keys N Krates is back with a hot new single on Dim Mak Records. "I Know U" keeps true to the original sound that put the Canadian born trap-trio ,Keys N Krates ,on the map in the first place. It combines a chopped up catchy vocal with crisp percussion and a looming synth filled backdrop that will pull you into an ethereal soundscape that only Keys N Krates can … [Read more...]

TWRK & LAMBO – Independent


DJ Benzi and eSenTRIK are back as TWRK with a hot new single, this time in collaboration with LAMBO. "Independent" kicks off with a deep, bellowing kick drum reminiscent of past TWRK hits before dropping off into a a middle-eastern sounding flute that leads us into the meat of the track. A hybrid bounce-inspired drop that has tinges of that deep, future sound that a lot … [Read more...]

swindail – chao (goodbye)


Australian native Sid, or more commonly known as swindail, is an up-and-coming producer who already has a variety of both remixes and original tracks under his belt. Swindail is a young and multi-talented producer who's latest track entitled: "chao (goodbye)" truly demonstrates his musical capacity. This track blends intricate percussion patterns with calming guitar riffs and … [Read more...]

Excision Responds to Bassnectar’s Claims About Dubstep


In what seems to be a response to Bassnectar's charged comments regarding the so-called death of dubstep, Excision took to Facebook to express opinions on the subject. He said dubstep is a thing of the past, and Excision didn't so much as defend the genre he helped mold, as he did lay down some knowledge for those of you caught up in this everlasting debate about the in genre. … [Read more...]

Doctor P – Bubblehead


Doctor P is known for creating some of the craziest sounds we hear playing out of speakers...remember the first time you heard Tetris live? Yeah. Me too. The Circus Records superstar's newest creation is "Bubblehead." Bubblehead puts dubstep in the backseat for a few minutes and shows us a 'trappier' side of Doctor P. I love watching artists  experiment with genres they … [Read more...]