The Chainsmokers – New York City (T-Mass & LZRD Remix)


Every week there are just some tracks that stand out amongst the rest and T-Mass and LZRD's Chainsmokers remix last week caught my attention immediately. The duo teams up to create a remix that oozes with colorful synths and playful percussion. The track combines styles like trap and pop to inject a completely unique feel into the Chainsmokers' original. Fueled with an … [Read more...]

Kannibalen Records’ Latest Release Is Hard-Hitting Electro That’s “Ready To Blast”


The latest pick up from the bass barons at Kannibalen Records is a Cyberpunkers x Far Too Loud collab entitled "Ready To Blast". A dark, driving beat keeps this song's energy up the entire time. This perfect-for-midnight-to-1 am electro tune is a great way to turn up the dance floor.   Cyberpunkers x Far Too Loud - Ready To Blast | Download Kannibalen … [Read more...]


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.29.24 AM

This is super ridiculous and is going to be ever so difficult to process for most sets of ears out there in all of listening land. For those of us that can wrap our heads around this demo, just over one minute of sounds, a stacked soundpvck comprised of over 100 samples, the unstoppable SALVA's secret weapons, released by LOUDPVCK, it is still so utterly ridiculous that very … [Read more...]

Snails – Frogbass


The undisupted king of #VOMITSTEP, SNAILS, looks like he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. In the midst of his 'Snailin' USA Tour, he found it in his busy schedule to drop off a new crunchy, bass-filled song to his already impressive repertoire.   "Frogbass" is aptly named - the second the build up hits its crescendo - you are hit with  Snails' unique, … [Read more...]

ConRank’s ‘Ma Fan (麻烦) EP’ Means Trouble [Review]


Get weird AF with ConRank, the Shanghai producer bringing a foreign element to bass music with his own artistic expression that is jarring and so bizarre, so out there that the sound waves cut into your brainwaves, rifting the time space continuum. It isn't just because he is from the opposite end of the world; this music is intergalactic. His sound is experimental and … [Read more...]

Joyryde – Give My Love [Free Download]


So much love to give on this new Joyryde tune. 80's dance music feels, pedaling bass line and drums pumping in the intro. The bass and drums come together in one hell of a drop, after which, complete madness ensues. Crazy, really heavy house vocals mix in with the rest of the instrumentals, and all of it spins around and around in over four minutes of tunage to which you can … [Read more...]

SKULS – Lost Knowledge EP

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.21.51 PM

Trap can be tricky these days. It true that the essence of this misunderstood genre is floating on a life raft somewhere in that infinite sea, staring around at so called fam and squad, overusing hashtags and memes to buy likes and fake fans, only to find itself surrounded savage beasts trying to devour it whole. But savage has taken on new meaning, and in the abyss of … [Read more...]