RL Grime Teases New Single “Scylla”

rl grime

RL Grime uploaded a new video to his Youtube account today teasing his next single Scylla. It's release on October 27th will coincide with the pre-order for RL Grime's upcoming album "Void" going up. He only gives us 1:13 seconds of the song, but man the hype is real. RL Grime is having another major year this year with his single "Tell Me" with What So Not almost at 6 million … [Read more...]

SLUMBERJACK – Triple J Mix For Nina Las Vegas


Although they're relatively new to the scene, SLUMBERJACK duo Morgan and Fletcher have been making waves and fast. The success of their recent singles 'Crave The Rain' and 'Felon' have earned them the highly coveted opportunity to guest mix on Nina Las Vegas' weekly Triple J show. The mix is diverse with some unexpected picks, with tracks by some of favorite producers like RL … [Read more...]

RL Grime – Core (Djemba Djemba’s Selassie Bootleg)


Djemba Djemba's bootleg of RL Grime - Core is absolutely insane. He starts things off fast and furious with the first drop before switching towards the original with the second and switches things up with an absolutely fat trap beat at the end. After hearing what Djemba did with Core I cannot wait to hear what his unreleased collab with RL Grime sounds like. Djemba is being a … [Read more...]

Watch Flume’s Official Listen Out Festival Recap Video


Flume's recap video from his set at Australia's Listen Out Festival shows us why he is on top of the electronic music world right now. It shows highlights of him playing new What So Not material, RL Grime's "Core", his Lorde remix, as well as when he brought George Maple out to perform her song "Talk Talk" that he produced.  Basically the video just leaves you craving either A. … [Read more...]

RL Grime “Reminder” featuring How to Dress Well


Los Angeles' RL Grime gives us a little "Reminder" as to why he's one of the best producers, while Chicago's How to Dress Well showcases some angelic vocal chords. The official rip of this Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 debut takes fans straight to the musical gem that will be on Grimes debut album Void set to come out in November via WeDidIt. How to Dress Well's Tom Krell has … [Read more...]