Madonna Flips an 80’s Classic To Show Diplo Some Love

madonnadiploMadonna has ruled pop music since her emergence on the scene in 1979. The international icon is coming back this year with a new studio album, and with her 13th full-length release, production this time around will most certainly be marked with an edgy spin, with none other than Diplo at the helm. News has already broken that the Mad Decent mainstage maestro is backing Madonna’s latest material, and it would appear as though the pop music matriarch has some love to show for all of Dip’s hard work so far.

In a video clip from BBC’s new “Superstar DJs” television spot, Diplo shows off the shout out to fellow radio show host Annie Mac. He plays a quick audio cut of Madonna’s 80’s hit from her album True Blue, “La Isla Bonita” where the queen of pop swaps out dreams of San Pedro for dreams of Major Lazer in a rerecording of the vocals from the original tune.

Annie Mac hears the lyrical modification and does a bit of a back flip, as would anyone who understands just how monumental Madonna’s superstardom actually is would undoubtedly do too. Wes just stands there doing a pretty good job of keeping his cool, and well… I suppose that is exactly what makes him Diplo after all.

Source: Billboard


Madonna Flips an 80’s Classic To Show Diplo Some Love