Haywyre – Smooth Criminal [Live in Studio]

Wow. I am still blown away by Haywyre’s incredible live rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’. Haywyre calmly steps into his studio with a cup of joe, goes nuts and absolutely murders the track, takes a sip of his coffee and steps out like nothing happened. His synth work is crazy good, the dude has chops. Fellow RTT writer, Jeff, described it as “Post Avant-Garde Pre-Futuristic Jazz-Fusion” and I don’t think he could have said it better. Here’s what Monstercat’s Haywyre himself had to say:

“My Re-interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal!

This video marks one of many more performance videos that I will be uploading in the future. The performance aspect to my tracks has always been absolutely huge; this video explores this concept to its fullest.

Also, re-interpreting a great musicians track can be controversial. Most of the time a balance between material from the original track and new material is expected. My remixes have always contained way more new material than content from the original track; hence I felt it wasn’t appropriate to call this work a remix.

Additionally, I will not be posting this track to my Soundcloud because I think its meant to be an audio-visual experience. Hope you all dig it, more coming soon!


 ▲▲▲Download Haywyre’s Smooth Criminal Here ▲▲▲

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Haywyre – Smooth Criminal [Live in Studio]