TrapZillas + RiFF RaFF – Neon Freedom + Bonus: TrapZillas – Clap [RTT Premier]


Straight from the Jurassic period to the west coast, we've got TrapZillas coming through with some dope tracks that would even make king kong piss himself! These dudes are bringing it hard on the trap scene, and this is just a couple dollars compared to all the other tracks they have saved up in the bank.. First up we've got a sick Get Free edit collabing with Mad Decent's very … [Read more...]

Flosstradamus – UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM


Floss just dropped their latest tune on the day they were supposed to play the Mad Decent Block Party in Chicago. I can not tell you how outraged I was when I heard they had been taken off the lineup after the suposed "riots" at West Fest. I hope they will be back in Chicago soon and can not wait to see them again. Here it is the UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM from the original Trap … [Read more...]

Nick Catchdubs vs Jim Jones – 666 RACKZ


Nick Catchdubs from Fool's Goold Records dropped a SICK rendition of Jim Jones' latest banger.  "Jim Jones has one of my favorite songs of the summer. Had to put rave lazers on it."  '666 RACKZ' is the result, and it's up for free download below! Nick Catchdubs - [Soundcloud | Twitter |] -------------------------- Nick Catchdubs vs Jim Jones – 666 RACKZ | … [Read more...]

Artist Spotlight: Flosstradamus


For our first artist spotlight we want to introduce everyone to one of the sickest duo's art there, Flosstradamus! This duo of DJ/Producers has been crankin' out that hood shit for awhile now, being officially founded since 2006. The duo consists of DJ/Producers J2K and Autobot, both from Chicago.  Flosstradamus is known for their ground breaking sounds, busting out tracks in … [Read more...]