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  1. Punk Rap Princess says if any1 needs rappers on their trap beats “steezin the trap” remix to Hucci’s “Freezy” Mambo Italiano original mix

  2. says

    Hottest Mixtapes Out there.

    1) Young Gifted "Get Busy On Um"

    2) Young Gifted "Jersey's Finest" Vol 1

    Group: Young Gifted

    Artist: Love

    Group Members: Profilez & Reaction aka “Prime Order”

    Singer: Baby Boy

    Producer: Total Kaos

    Young Gifted Entertainment

    Key songs:

    1) Get Busy On Um_Remix

    2) Throw Ur G's Up

    3) Get It In Blood

    4) Amplified_Org

    5) Amplified_Remix

    6) Made For The Streets_Org

    7) made For The Streets_Remix


  3. says

    Champagne Tane presents “They Fall Like Autumn” video debut.


    Champagne Tane’s visually stunning video debut “They Fall Like Autumn” is being released this evening Wednesday December 11th at 6pm/9pm EST, and is described by the artist as his most honest work to date. The video features 19 year old singer Cheyenne Gardner, along with a number of professional tattooed models in a sexy dark/noir setting. Champagne Tane hits a home run with this French infused, New York style hip hop video and comments: “I wanted to wait and make sure that my sound and lyrics matched the visuals I had in my mind for this project”.

    The debut video is available at and was directed by Van Londen Media who has done the majority of up and coming artist PropaneLV’s ( video production in Portland Oregon. The video was shot on location with the use of five professional models and a film crew. This debut visual is for the title track of Champagne Tane’s upcoming EP “They Fall Like Autumn” which is being released in January 2014.

    Champagne Tane is an American musician, actor, and screenwriter; also known under his birth name Christian LaMontagne. Born in Vermont and raised in the streets of NYC, Boston, and Providence; Champagne Tane now resides, records, and works in Portland, Oregon.

    They Fall Like Autumn ft. Cheyenne Gardner

    Free Download

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