Adidas Gets Hip To The Game With Rustie

Finally, we’ve reached a time period where placing extremely dope, “underground” tracks in commercials is the new thing. We’ve seen it before with Apple x Hudson Mohawke, Doritos x Diplo, and GAP x Daft Punk, but here’s a new combo we think you might like: Adidas x Rustie.

Even though The World Cup recently came to a close, we get one more taste of Leo Messi with Adidas’ new commercial for this futbol/soccer player’s new boot–Adizero F50 Messi–that was made in monument to the way he plays and the city he plays in. The holographic and colorful visuals of the commercial perfectly mesh with the video-game like sounds of Rustie’s “Velcro”. After all, I’m sure the people behind this knew exactly what they were doing… Right?



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Adidas Gets Hip To The Game With Rustie


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