Rusko – Like A Boss


Ever since the announcement of his new EP (entitled “!”) I’ve been anxiously awaiting for more Rusko to surface on the internet. Those of you who read my review of Sunshower know I was a bit disappointed by the track as it seemed to lack that characteristic Rusko “weirdness” that I’ve come to love and expect from my favorite UK-Los Angelino transplant aka The Wonky King of The West (the man is both directly and indirectly responsible for the spawning of today’s future garage scene out here).

But I didn’t dispair… I knew more was coming… and now it’s here. Introducing Like A Boss, another track off his upcoming ! EP and the exact opposite of Sunshower.

This track, from the very first instant it begins, sounds like a characteristically Rusko track. A light DnB-esque intro leads directly into wonky enveloped synths, goofy wubs and chopped bass slaps that create a wonderfully weird and high-energy atmosphere unlike anything anyone else is  making in contemporary music. THIS IS THAT **** I DO LIKE and exactly the reason I hold Rusko in such high esteem. In a world where electronic musicians are constantly copying one another in order to stay relevant with regards to short lived “cycles,” there are still artists pioneering their own sound… even after being in the limelight for nearly a decade… it’s both incredible impressive and inspiring.

If I know Rusko, the best from this EP has yet to be revealed and we can probably expect a decent tour to accompany it’s release July 29th.

I’m looking forward to both. #TeamRusko

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Rusko – Like A Boss