What is Twerk Music?


What is Twerk Music?

Last week we took a look at the evolution of trap music and discussed how trap has begun generating its own sub-genres but this week, we want to take a little more in-depth look at one such subdivision of trap that has been blowing up: twerk music. Twerk music is based loosely on a particularly spicy flavor of southern hip-hop known as ‘bounce’ music.

Bounce music has been around for over two decades and is characterized by call-and-response chants, hypersexual lyrics and two specific drum loops: the “brown beat” and the “triggerman beat.” These beats (much like the “amen” break in DnB) provide a basis for the “bounce” sound with inherent bouncy grooves at mid-range dance tempos; a perfect combination of hip-hop and dance music. At one point Diplo even made a trip down to The Big Easy to do a little more digging into the whole sub-genre:

Twerk music, while not as heavily based on the “Brown” or “Triggerman” beats, still focuses on keeping a bouncy 100 Bpm groove designed to get you shaking twice as fast as the tempo. Essentially, by slowing things down a little bit, double time twerking becomes a possibility for those of us without superhuman party powers . You may remember some of that 100 BPM heat dropping from our friend Brillz at our last ridiculously awesome  virtual concert but if you don’t, fear not, we’ve got you covered with a few “twerk favorites” of our own:

DJ Snake

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Major Lazer         x        Valentino Khan

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(Brillz is bringing a back a ‘new jack swing’ type of vibe in some of his recent 100 BPM tracks)


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Free Drinkz

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Jesse Slayter

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Keep an ear out for more 100 bpm Twerk Music as summer heats up and don’t forget to add us on Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs while we document all the new hotness as it drops.

What is Twerk Music?