Kai Wachi & Squnto – Brain Splat [RTT & Kannibalen Records Premiere]

Run The Trap & Kannibalen Records team up to bring you Kai Wachi and Squnto’s newest track. “Brain Splat” is a track filled with tribal drums and a bass line that will absolutely tear up the club. The collaboration gives us their unique take on this forward thinking bass track that will have you coming back for more. We got a chance to sit down and chat with Kai over the weekend. Read our exclusive interview, grab this free download,  and check out our homies over at Kannibalen Records for some more heavy bass.


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Kai Wachi & Squnto – Brain Splat  :  Free Download (320 kbps)

Kai Wachi Interview:

@RTT :  First off , we just want to say thank you for coming on to talk with us. Can you tell us your  name and where your from for some of our readers who may not be familier with you.

@KaiWachi1 : My name is Kai Wachi, I am 18 years old and am from Boise, Idaho.

@RTT: Lets talk a little bit about your musical background? What are some of your major influences?

@KaiWachi1: Well, I started producing early 9th grade, when I was about 15 years old. I was introduced to it by a good friend of mine, and after “messing around” with, I knew it was my calling. To be honest, I don’t have one super star producer I look up too, every artist I like has there own style and certain attributes that I like about them.

@RTT : Very cool. Hows about any upcoming productions, shows, collabs?

@KaiWachi1: I’ve got a collab coming out with my man SQUNTO coming soon.

@RTT : What are some of your favorite things to do outside of music?

@KaiWachi1: Outside of music, I like to lift…alot. Hangout, and always just jam out to EDM.

@RTT : We love this hybrid sound you have. Where do you see your sound going in the near future?

@KaiWachi1: I see a big future for it, I don’t really hear alot of unique trap sound too much, and I feel my style had a crazier more hyped up “rage” feeling to the tracks.

@RTT: It is definitely a unique sound. I feel like you have something special going on with this hybrid trap sound.

@KaiWachi1 : Well I really think that trap is sick but I think a lot of it doesnt have a “big” feel to play live. I wanted to make trap that makes you want to absolutely lose control and go ape shit. And I knew to do that I would have to have a different approach on creating my own trap music.

@RTT : The low end on this track is absolutely stunning. There is this classic trap sound that has come to the forefront. What’s different about your sound and what makes it special?

@KaiWachi1 : Well I feel like my low end bass is dirty, but not like dubstep dirty, just the right amount to still consider it trap. But people don’t even consider my sound as trap. My low end bass I feel is what makes my trap “heavy” and gives you a vibe to go hard when listening.

@RTT : We are big fans of this heavy style over at RTT. Thanks for coming on for a quick chat. You can grab “Brain Splat” & a bunch of other great free music on Kai’s Soundcloud. Get up with him on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected!

Kai Wachi & Squnto – Brain Splat [RTT & Kannibalen Records Premiere]