The Lovetrap Series. Vibes III

LoveTrap artwork new red

I got VIBESSS!! This is my favorite part about writing for this website and I really worked hard on this compilation for you guys. First off I want to introduce some artists that I absolutely love and have been instrumental in my growth as an ambient hip-hop, lovetrap, and downtempo enthusiast. You can call this type of music whatever you like. I just call it amazing. Ruddyp, … [Read more...]



The M|O|D clique is at it again with their latest installment, M|O|D IV. This fifteen track EP is full of amazing bass tunes from the five different artists that make up the east coast crew. I'll leave you with links for the individual artists along with links to their bandcamp page where you can purchase all the different M|O|D compilations, as well as the C.Z. / Arnold … [Read more...]

Quick Fix: Volume 1

RTT Quick Fix

Sometimes you just get that itch... that one you can't control.. and you gotta get that quick TRAP fix to get you through the day! Well we at Run The Trap are here to serve you up with what you need! Just make sure you don't come back for more and blow us up with 3am calls.... Quick Fix -Volume … [Read more...]

Trap Arnold x C.Z. – DOTWAV Ep

Trap Arnold x C.Z. - DOTWAV

Trap Arnold and C.Z. of the M|O|D crew are at it again with their new DOTWAV Ep. These two artists make up 2/5's of the notorious east coast crew who have stormed onto the scene with some monster releases in the past 5 months. You can check out the rest of the M|O|D crew on their Soundcloud, or their website where you can purchase each of their three self titled Ep's for just … [Read more...]

︻╦╤─ Get Familiar Trap Collection ─╤╦︻


For one of our first posts we have to get everyone familiar with some of the SICKEST and most FIRE trap tracks that we've came across to date.  These are the songs that we've heard since this genre started blowing up and we couldn't help but say "DAMN!" We couldn't just let these sick tracks go by unnoticed so check this collection out and be prepared for plenty of more brand … [Read more...]