Check out Zhu’s Unreleased Remix of Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’


Last weekend at Coachella, Zhu put on a set that has been widely acclaimed by festival attendees and streamers alike. Amongst a flurry of lasers and lights, the man dropped a sexy smooth new remix of Faithless' 'Insomnia' that clearly put the Coachella crowd into a jaw-dropping trance. Although the original has gone through numerous iterations, Zhu's take on the track is one … [Read more...]

PREMIERE: Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (Zomboy Remix)


The Chainsmokers have had an insane couple of years, with chart topping songs and extremely busy festival schedules. We had the pleasure of premiering "Don't Let Me Down" a couple of months ago right here on Run The Trap. Our newest Run The Trap premiere is Zomboy's huge remix of the aforementioned track, and let me tell goes off. Zomboy keeps Daya's haunting … [Read more...]

K?D Continues to Impress With His New Remix of ‘Red Lips’


We might be seeing the birth of a new future bass superstar. k?d is still cooling off after releasing his remixes of "Cliffs Edge" and "Fallen" but clearly has no signs of slowing down. K?d leaves the alluring vocal intro very much intact that we have all heard in DJ sets this past year before dropping off into a cascade of future bass beats that will make you want to wiggle … [Read more...]

Naderi Drops Remix of Big Grams & Skrillex’s “Drum Machine”


I don't know what it is about Australia, but it's produced some of the biggest names in the future bass and hybrid trap game.  Naderi, the latest Aussie on the rise, has made some big moves over the past year with noteworthy remixes of Griz, Fetty Wap, Kilter, and Daniel Johns under his belt. Naderi's latest take on Big Grams & Skrillex's "Drum Machine" is the perfect … [Read more...]

Tiesto & Oliver Heldens – The Right Song (Dillon Francis Remix)


Dillon Francis has a knack for releasing the best kind of happy, feel-good tunes. His newest remix that he cooked up for Tiesto + Oliver Helden's  track "The Right Song" is no exception. He keeps the original feel to the song very much in tact, especially when the vocals kick in. Dillon Francis then injects his unique flavor to the tune with a fun, bass-filled drop that is … [Read more...]

Deadmau5 Just Remixed Jay-Z and The Beastie Boys


Deadmau5 might be one of dance music's biggest enigmas. In a world of overhyped music, and producers hyping up a track for two months before actually dropping it off, Deadmau5 is the one that will sneak up on Soundcloud over a long weekend and drop off random new songs. Whether they be original productions that he is still playing around with or more experimental stuff, or … [Read more...]

Arms and Sleepers – “Hurry Slowly” (Manatee Commune remix)

Manatee Commune

In advance of the February 26 release of Manatee Commune's extended-play album, "Thistle," we can survive on his remix of Arms and Sleepers's "Hurry Slowly." Notice how Manatee Commune energizes the downtempo original through layers of chopped vocals that build to a crest dusted with spinning synths. It might be just the track to alleviate your Valentine's Day … [Read more...]

PREMIERE: “Working For It” – Zhu, Skrillex & THEY [Cofresi Remix + Download]


Cofresi puts his crossover live percussion talent and expressionistic future beat production chops on view again, this time with his remix of Zhu, Skrillex, and THY's high-profile collab track "Working For It," available for download here today. Adeptly navigating the intro with a sweeping lull counted with modulated percussive claps, he lends the remix a live element before … [Read more...]