Owen Bones – Stage 2

Owen Bones - Stage 2

Owen Bones is at it again with a full length album named "Stage 2". Our homie out of Chicago has been putting in some serious studio time, cranking out a ton of tracks in a couple months span. Check out the album below and scoop the download from club.livemixtapes.com. Im also going to leave links for some of our other favorite Owen Bones tracks. … [Read more...]

Owen Bones – Look Down EP

Owen Bones - Look Down

Owen Bones is a talented producer who has recently burst onto the scene with some really dope tracks. He was featured in our Lovetrap Series and is at it again with a brand new three track EP. This EP shows his progression in the production game and also shows that he is a monster in the studio, pumping out hot bass music every couple of weeks. The last track called "Someone … [Read more...]

The Lovetrap Series

LoveTrap artwork copy

Here it is, the first edition of our Lovetrap Series. Chilltrap, Lovetrap, call it whatever you want but this is what the genre was first introduced to me as. I'd like to start off with a little bit of a background on some great Lovetrap producers and the amazing tracks they have put out. The most iconic Lovetrap song I can think of has to be Lana's Theme by none other than … [Read more...]

︻╦╤─ Get Familiar Trap Collection: Volume 2 ─╤╦︻


We're going to keep it going with Volume 2 of our ︻╦╤─ Get Familiar Trap Collection ─╤╦︻, to make sure we start you all off right with all the sickest trap tracks out in the traposphere right now. This is our selection hand picked winners that we're bumping on the regular, and we want to share them all with you. Make sure you check out our ︻╦╤─ Get Familiar Trap Collection: … [Read more...]