This Animated Short Film About The Wu-Tang Clan & Bill Murray Stealing Back their Album From Martin Shkreli is Hilarious


The whole situation surrounding the Wu-Tang album is just begging for a movie. From Pharma's wanna be bad-boy Martin Shkreli purchasing the only copy of the album in existence, to the contract's clause that allows Bill Murray to legally steal back the album, this story was made for Hollywood. Lucky for us, one of Chicago Hip-Hop's most consistent performers ProbCause (who is … [Read more...]

Wu-Tang Clan to Produce Single Copy of Secret Album


Yesterday, Forbes reported that Wu-Tang Clan will be releasing a secret 31-track, 128 minute record entitled The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin in addition to the release of A Better Tomorrow 20 years after the release of Enter The Wu-Tang. What's most interesting about this secret album is that there will only be one copy which the group is hoping to sell for millions of … [Read more...]