PREMIERE: “Working For It” – Zhu, Skrillex & THEY [Cofresi Remix + Download]


Cofresi puts his crossover live percussion talent and expressionistic future beat production chops on view again, this time with his remix of Zhu, Skrillex, and THY's high-profile collab track "Working For It," available for download here today. Adeptly navigating the intro with a sweeping lull counted with modulated percussive claps, he lends the remix a live element before … [Read more...]

Lookas and Crankdat team up for ‘Game Over’ {Free Download}


Well, Lookas and Crankdat are definitely trying to kick off 2016 with a bang. Their brand new collaboration, 'Game Over' just hit Soundcloud and it hits hard. The track kicks off with a controlling guitar and drum build-up not dissimilar to something you would hear out of a Dragonforce song before dropping off into a booming trap beat that has so much going on, it'll take a … [Read more...]

Benzi Releases 2015 Edition of Get Right Radio {Free Download}

Get right radio

What better way to recap an incredible year of music then to jam pack 58 of your favorite tracks into about 80 minutes, right? That's exactly what Benzi did for his 2015 edition of Get Right Radio. What started originally as a summer series flipped to a year-end wrap up series and serves as a great culmination of the year. But don't just think it's all of the year's hottest … [Read more...]

lux.impala’s “Wrist” Is Today’s Must-Have Track [Elysian Records]


Mysterious producer lux.impala's latest single is a banger coming at us from an RTT favorite Elysian Records. Focusing on dark, heavy, trapstyle beats, lux's tracks hit hard and sink right to your soul. His debut six-track EP The Sword was brought to your ears by NestHQ; a fellow industry gold standard in supporting forward-thinking producers and music. Available for free … [Read more...]

GRiZ – Stop Trippin’ (Ghastly Remix) {Free Download}

Ghastly Griz

When an already innovative artist like GRiZ gets a remix, you know it's going to get wild. Ghastly just brought his crisp production style to Griz's 'Stop Trippin' and it's something special. If you were in attendance of Griz's Fall Tour odds are you heard snippets of this remix. I heard it at his set at Freaky Deaky Music Festival. It hits differently than NGHTMRE's a … [Read more...]

PREMIERE: Cofresi – Lykedat [Free Download]

Cofresi Headshot

Cofresi again does his best to conjure a complete world of sound for two minutes and 26 seconds on his latest single “Lykedat,” premiering today through Run The Trap with a free download. The reverb-painted layers of “Lykedat” sweep with streaking synths and a barking hip-hop sample that balances Cofresi’s mystifying future beats oeuvre with a sense of urgent … [Read more...]

Henry Fong x Reid Stefan – Come Together ft. Collie Buddz [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Henry Fong may not run the trap in the traditional sense, but he makes a different kind of dance music that runs figurative/next level trap; that's the type of shit we like. Culturally charged signature beats are wholly reflective of the deep soul of this very unique artist. His hybrid style mixes polar sounds together, adding reggae/island sounds traditionally structures … [Read more...]

Slander – Dead


You ever hear the term "organized chaos?" Where everything is going crazy, but there's a pattern or reason to it and it works out perfectly in the end That's how I would describe Slander's newest single , "Dead." And I hope I'm not the only one that sees it as a compliment. It's the second single off of their upcoming Duality EP and damn does it send a statement. Slander … [Read more...]