DJ Snake & Kaskade Are Working on Music Together


The genre of EDM fosters more collaboration than just about any other genre out there, constantly breaking down barriers between genres. The latest unlikely pairing we've come to find out are working on new music together is Parisian producer DJ Snake and house legend Kaskade. The two revealed a collaboration between themselves when DJ Snake tweeted at Kaskade saying "Let's … [Read more...]

PREMIERE: Riot Ten x Duelle – Gas Me Up

gas me up artwork (1)-2

These two acts have been low-key taking over the trap scene for quite some time, and they come to us this music Monday with some new hot fire for our repertoire. 'Gas Me Up' is a trap banger from gods and goddesses of this dark underworld we live in, clad in black and banging out these tracks for us to bounce to, throw elbows around to, and of course dab all day to, up in the … [Read more...]

PREMIERE: JayKode & Party Thieves – Origin


Buygore Records is a staple in this industry for excellent reason. It is a label that comes in heavy and steady with bangers for your ear holes, that has grown since its inception into a well oiled machine making the heaviest sounds from the dopest artists. Their roster stays adding and graduating prominent talent, collecting the oddest and wildest from the darkest corners of … [Read more...]

PREMIERE: Stage Dive ft. Marky D – Stööki Sound


WARNING: DARK TRAP BANGER ALERT. Need I be like Khaled and say 'another one' from these guys who kill the trap scene still even long after people have thought this genre to be dead and gone. It is homies like Stööki Sound taking the genre out of the generic and replacing it with the hip hop hybrid crazy good instrumentals shit that we still appreciate about running the trap. As … [Read more...]

Jantsen & Dirt Monkey – Freaks [Free Download]


This track by Jantsen and Dirt Monkey, entitled "Freaks," is brought to us by the label Kairos Audio, and packs some serious heat. It is anthemic, promoting solidarity among the freaks of this world. Not simply because of the title and lyrical presence in the words calling out for freaks, but because this is a track to bounce to with your squad, make it clap with your girl, and … [Read more...]

A-Trak, AraabMuzik & Ape Drums – Action

A trak action

Fool's Gold fans rejoiced when A-Trak announced the 'Gold Gone Wild' tour which features of course A-Trak along with AraabMuzik and Ape Drums as direct support. In celebration for the tour kicking off this week the trio of talented producers dropped off a collaboration for free download! Action combines the skillfulness of A-Trak, AraabMuzik and Ape Drums into a … [Read more...]

Waka Flocka Flame – Bust (Prod by Mayhem & Mr. Collipark)


Mayhem and Mr. Collipark may have produced the festival heater that this upcoming festival season needed. Mayhem and Mr. Collipark teamed up to create 'Bust' - a production that creates the perfect poly-amorous marriage between twerk, hip hop, trap...and Flocka. The track blends the masterfully produced track and Flocka's crowd-hyping signature voice that will no doubt be … [Read more...]

Jump Smokers – We Ready (Swish)

Jump Smokers

Jump Smokers made their name in Chicago by creating absolutely banging remixes of chart topping songs, most of the time leading to a breath of fresh air into otherwise stale songs.  This time they deliver an original trap single in celebration of the NBA playoffs starting up this past weekend. The track has a 'bouncy' feel and doesn't punch you in the face with snare and … [Read more...]