[RTT Exclusive Interview] A Look Inside Crizzly’s Crunkstep Pizzeria


As the sounds of roaring crowds and Jhené Aiko’s intoxicating vocals resonate throughout the overcast sky draping Chicago’s Grant Park, 23-year-old Chris Marshall seems calmly composed despite it being just an hour until his set at Lollapalooza: “I’m a DJ, I make some music, and uhh, people get turnt,” he remarks when asked to give a brief synopsis on what he does for a living. … [Read more...]

Nas Answers Your Questions via Reddit AMA

Favorite Outkast

In celebration of Illmatic XX being released today, Nas has taken to Reddit to answer some questions. Tomorrow, Time is Illmatic, a documentary about the album is being premiered at the Tribeca Film Fesitval in New York. There were some heartfelt answers, some funny answers, and some answers that truly made you appreciate Nas as an artist. It truly was a change of mood after … [Read more...]

Getting #Hurt with LOUDPVCK [Exclusive Interview]


“We take things to the next level, we get a new level of hurt. We needed our own word because before there wasn’t an expression for what we do”. -Kenny Beats (Loudpvck)  On a nation-wide tour bent on turning up crowds around the country and dropping trap-infused bangers into the eardrums of their 'hurt' fans, having a quiet day off is a rarity for Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks, … [Read more...]

Spotlight: Team Supreme


Los Angeles. The city of angeles. Home of the endless summer, real OG kush, and the most diverse music scene in the world. Los Angeles is different from most other cities in both its scale and design: the sprawling city is made up of literally hundreds of unique neighborhoods connected by a life-giving network of freeways; the circulatory system of the city. People from all … [Read more...]