Ryan Hemsworth + UV Boi – Gods {Free Download}

Ryan Hemsworth continues to impress and show off his skills with another futureistic trap collab, this time done with UV Boi.


This track will have your mind going all over the place, the second you start to hum along to the beat, you get interrupted with a sampled iPhone text message notification sound, Knife Party style. Right when you get back into the loop of listening normally, you’re bombarded with more iPhone text sounds. No, you didn’t get texted a bunch of times. None of us are that popular. The artwork is gorgeous as well. Give this one a listen, and grab a free download from Ryan Hemsworth’s Soundcloud.

              Ryan Hemsworth                              UV Boi

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Ryan Hemsworth + UV Boi – Gods


-Nick Isasi




Ryan Hemsworth + UV Boi – Gods {Free Download}