Bassnectar Heartbroken The Hudson Project Was Cancelled Before His Set


After heavy rain hit the grounds of The Hudson Project on Sunday night and festival throwers were forced to urge attendees to seek shelter in their cars, one very large act had yet to play. One VERY large act people follow around the country and beg, borrow and steal just to be able to lay eyes on. One very large act that is basically a god in human form to millions; Bassnectar.

“FUCKING HEARTBROKEN NEW YORK” he tweeted when he learned he wasn’t going to be able to perform due to the dangerous conditions. “I love outdoor festivals, but seems like half of them get horrible weather. We need some amazing indoor festivals to go full blast”, followed by the teaser: “And just to be completely real: I HAD SUCH A FUCKING INSANE SET PLANNED FOR TONIGHT”.

As amazing of an artist as he is a humble showman, Lorin never forgets to be amazing to his fans and let them know how much he loves the job their appreciation gives him. I’m sure Bassnectar fans at The Hudson Project are still disappointed but, one thing is for sure–we’re talking about Bassnectar here–he’ll never leave you feeling disappointed for long.



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Bassnectar Heartbroken The Hudson Project Was Cancelled Before His Set


  1. Cody McIntyre says

    if he put his money where his mouth is, he'd give free tickets to anyone with a hudson project wristband next time he's in town. easy to be 'humble' and 'disappointed' when you're not really obligated to do anything about it

  2. says

    Dude, that's not how it works. He still has to pay staff and the venue. It's not like he should be expected to pay out of pocket for something he couldn't control. And we got refunds for Sunday anyway, what are you so pissed about? Use your refund to see him on the fall tour.

  3. Cody McIntyre says

    I wasn't there so I didn't see a dime. I just think it's hilarious that the dude gets his knob slobbed for fan appreciatioon when he isn't doing anything other than being sad he couldn't play his set. He's done a bunch of other amazing stuff to show appreciation for the fans, but lets not wash the dude's feet because he tweeted about how sad he was to collect a fat paycheck without playing.

  4. Tim Bahnsen says

    Cody McIntyre, are you done now? I died a little inside after reading your comments. People like you are one of the many problems with society. Lose the negativity, and if you can't, then at the very least keep it to yourself. Thanks :)

    Anthony Holcomb, where did you hear that Lorin's fee is $100k a show? I was always curios of that.

  5. Kaylee Elizabeth says

    …….OF COURSE HE GOT PAID. You don't think this mug had a contract? He gets paid NO MATTER WHAT, along with the rest of the artists. Think about it, he turned down other gigs to play at Hudson, if he didn't play or get paid, that's an opportunity he could've missed out on. The weather ain't his fault.

  6. says

    The chick who wrote this article is an idiot. How dare you refer to his fan base as people who would beg, borrow, or steal to get to his shows. You obviously have no idea the mentality behind his masthead following or the message behind his music. And he is HARDLY a god or any form of higher power for that matter. He's just a man. Next time you want to write an article about something people are passionate about, do us all a favor and don't. Because you don't know anything.

  7. David A Schwartz says

    He did say I had such a fucking set planned for you. With what he had planned he could have recorded that. And let everyone hear what they missed

  8. David A Schwartz says

    He did say I had such a fucking set planned for you. With what he had planned he could have recorded that. And let everyone hear what they missed

  9. says

    Im curious on two things. 1. why did you use the term barrow because that term doesnt make any sense at all in that sentence. 2. why would you say that people who follow him around would "steal just to be able to lay eyes on" because thats a pretty big false accusation that makes people who do follow him around look bad.

  10. says

    Im curious on two things. 1. why did you use the term barrow because that term doesnt make any sense at all in that sentence. 2. why would you say that people who follow him around would "steal just to be able to lay eyes on" because thats a pretty big false accusation that makes people who do follow him around look bad.

  11. Josh Lane says

    Joe Falcone Yes it is, theres a 99% chance he had already recorded it. Stop idolising certain DJs, almost all do the same shit – Steve Aoki or not.

  12. Josh Lane says

    It was clearly an exaggeration to emphasise the fans' passion, are you stupid? "Basically a god" was similarly an exaggeration. I'd rather Sydney here kept writing and instead you got off Facebook and read a book for once.

  13. Lauren Alise says

    Tim Bahnsen I read that same $100K figure from some list about how much various acts charge to play. As far as Bassnectar, you have to think about all the lights and equipment and staff he has to pay from that amount. So it sounds like a lot but its not all going into his bank account, haha.

  14. Cody McIntyre says

    Tim Bahnsen You tell me to lose the negativity when you say that 'people like me are one of the many problems with society'? Isn't that negative? Should you lose your negativity as well? You're a hypocrite hiding behind false positive vibes. I'm just voicing my opinion. It might not be agreeable and I don't expect you to have the same one, but I'm definitely not going to hide behind the cause of positivity to make it seem more legitimate. I'm a Bassnectar fan myself, believe it or not and I've seen him 4 times, never disappointed. But the hero worship is misguided.

  15. says

    Haha okay. W.e. because shes.obviously literate. You can tell because she knows how to spell the word "borrow". And if you would have rsthered read more of that shit then maybe it's you that needs to be educated and read more books. Haha it's emphasize you idiot and when you know about the culture behind Bassnectar then come talk to me because it's obvious you also know nothing about that either. Annnd facebook requires you to log in to comment on this shit of a website.

  16. says

    Josh Lane first of all, whether bassnectar prerecords his set or not is not left up to chance. he either does or he doesn't, and he doesn't. go watch some of his interviews where he explains exactly what he does live. "almost all do the same shit…." are you serious? who are you listening to/watching? your ignorance says not that many people. or just the mainstream, commerical DJs.

  17. Josh Lane says

    Smashlyn Perkins I hope you're trolling, because you aren't in the position to call anybody illiterate (assuming that's what you meant by literate). Put the bong down, and pick up a book instead.

  18. Josh Lane says

    This article is a great example showing that most trap fans are complete retards. Maybe keep the literary techniques out of the articles, so the majority of the fan base can understand.

  19. Josh Lane says

    Joshua Billings Okay, I stand corrected. 'Almost all do the same shit' was describing most DJ's pre-recording sets. You can debate this all you want, but go to a club where a small, local DJ is playing and there's a good chance it isn't a live set. I listen to a huge variety of genres from big & small producers. Please stop using mainstream and commercial to describe DJs you don't like, because if they are either of these obviously a lot of people do like them.

  20. says

    Josh Lane actually, i use mainstream and commercial to describe DJs i do like as well. . I can say they are mainstream and commercial because they are. that's how they get so big, and that's why people like them. The artists know that, and that's why they produce that music. Creative, original, thoughtful, intelligent music doesn't make money. Mass produced bangers do. that's no secret.

  21. says

    Josh Lane and why would i just go to some club to hear some local dj i don't even listen to? i would if i actually listened to that artist, or they were playing before another artist i wanted to see, but i don't just go out looking for EDM so i can party. it's clear you're going to see the wrong people and going to the wrong events.

  22. Josh Lane says

    Joshua Billings You seemed to be insulting me by saying I only listen to mainstream, commercial DJs, which I don't think is an insult at all, because insulting someone's subjective taste is fucking stupid. Like telling me I'm doing the wrong thing by listening to different music and living differently. I didn't say you should go see a dj you don't listen to, I was using an example to support my argument. Going to clubs to support local, possibly emerging, djs is bad? Or going to clubs to find new music is also bad? What the fuck, man.

  23. says

    Josh Lane i'm not trying to insult you at all. i have no problem with people paying money to see the people they wanna see. i'm not going to see those people cuz i don't resonate with that style of music. i have no problem with whatever music you wanna listen to. my problem is you saying 99% of DJs prerecord their sets, which couldn't be further from the truth. your opinion is based off the music you listen to. i clearly have a very different opinion because i listen to different music than you. I do favor my opinion, because i dont want to be paying money to and supporting an artist thats faking it behind the decks. I don't need to pay money to find new music, i have soundcloud, where i can listen to those local DJs entire library of music. i save my money for the artists i really wanna see and support them by going to their shows. also, i said i would go if i wanted to see that artist. sometimes i go see artists i've never heard because i want to go see them and maybe someone told me they were really good. a lot of local DJs also tend to be supporting acts for other artists, so i see them then.

  24. Josh Lane says

    Joshua Billings Of course there's soundcloud, and it's good to listen to someone before you see them, sure, but there's obviously a big difference between live sets and produced songs. Why is a pre-recorded set "faking it behind the decks"? It's digitally produced music, so I think it's pretty reasonable to record & refine your set so it's a well synthesised hour (at least) of music, rather than coming up with it on the spot. Look at the lineup for any EDM festival and count how many are labelled as 'live set.'

  25. Do No Harm says

    I cannot BELIEVE the hate in these comments! Wth? That's the kind of thing Lorin calls out on a regular basis. How can you call yourself a basshead and sling that kind of hate speech?

  26. Joe Falcone says

    Are you mentally incompetent? Did you just label Bassnectar as "trap"? I feel for the ones who lack Vitamin B, it's not your fault your taste in music is driven by pop culture and whatever the radio wants you to hear, you just haven't been to a Bassnectar show yet to realize what you're missing.

  27. Joe Falcone says

    Josh Lane Dude clearly you're either having a bad day or are just a genuine douche nozzle, what is your purpose here? to show how much of a lame prick you can be talking about something you have no first-hand experience with, come to a show or two then come back and talk trash about Bassnectar and the fans.

  28. David A Schwartz says

    Hey I didn't post that to start any fights edm is a lifestyle not just a scene. I grew up in this life style. Music friendships that turned in family. And it's been a lot of fun. I was going to shows as party's back in 2000. And I can say a lot has changed.

  29. Josh Lane says

    I didnt talk one word of shit against bassnectar fans as a whole. The poster here was being hypocritical and I called her out on it. Bassnectar is awesome live , I don't know where you got a list of my first-hand experiences because obviously it wasn't a very good source.

  30. Alan Lhdc says

    I had a Blast at Hudson. YA we missed out on Bassnectar. I even found a snake and named him snaknectar. I seen tents flying away and floating down the lazy river lol. When they told us to leave the bronx camp ground. I stayed just for the experience. We put ez ups together and bumped our i pods with Bassnectar. Don't be heartbroken BASSNECTER you were with us in spirit. I can't wait till the next show. I don't even care about a refund I had TMF.

  31. says

    Josh Lane Please don't argue with people about things you know nothing about. Bassnectar does do mixes, but his live shows are sought after for a reason, he would never record a live set and put it up on soundcloud because he values the presence of an audience way too much. Go to one of his live shows, and then dare to tell me it's pre-recorded (being planned and practiced is NOT pre-recorded… recording the whole set into an hour long audio file and just drinking on stage IS). The whole point of being a performer rather than a ghost producer is to create a unique show, any 'small time' DJ who pre-records their sets has no business playing shows. When you see 'live set' on a lineup, that means instruments, singers, the full shebang. As opposed to a 'DJ set' which would be done on tables rather than instruments and would probably lack a live vocalist. Please, take your opinions, and stick to soundcloud.

  32. says

    Cody McIntyre He travels around with 4 semis full of speakers and lights of his own, of course he got paid for putting forth all that effort… Bassnectar is NOT just Lorin Ashton, it's a huge crew of people that work tirelessly to bring top of the line shows to people. Talk shit about any other douche out there that is just in it for the paycheck, this is the wrong place, all you do is show your ignorance and entitlement.

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