Arcade Fire Bring “Daft Punk” Onstage at Coachella

phat dunk

It was up to Arcade Fire to close out one of the stages at Coachella again, but this time they had a couple of tricks up their sleeves for their audience. During the set, the lead singer, Win Butler, for the band called for his “very special guests” to jump onstage with him. Out come two robots that look like Daft Punk. “Phat Dunk” as they are called by the lead singer, went on to play a slowed down version of “Get Lucky” before Butler stopped everything by shouting out “What the fuck is happening?” The robots stayed on stage for the next song dancing along to Arcade Fire’s single “Normal Person”.

During week one the lead singer of Arcade Fire had been critical of the number of EDM acts that were playing Coachella this year. He did so by dedicating a song to “all of the bands at this festival playing real instruments” so I’m sure Butler found it funny mocking all of the Daft Punk hype around Coachella in the past. You can check out the video of “Phat Dunk” playing during Arcade Fire’s set below.



Arcade Fire Bring “Daft Punk” Onstage at Coachella

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