Will Ferrell to Produce R Rated Romantic Comedy, ‘I’m in Love With the DJ’

Will Ferrell and his fellow ‘Funny Or Die‘ partner Adam Mckay are teaming up with Gary Sanchez Productions executive, Kevin Messick to produce an R rated romantic comedy titled ‘I’m in Love With the DJ’ which apparently just got picked up by Sony Pictures.

We don’t know much besides the fact that it follows a young woman and her friends who travel to Spain for work, and then it somehow escalates (or collapses) into a crazy hunt through the EDM scene in search of a hot DJ. I am sure shenanigans and drug fueled debauchery will ensue.

This is no doubt an attempt to capitalize on EDM’s rising popularity. Now we just sit and wait to see if EDM gets whored out by Ferrell and crew.

After hearing about the movie, some of us at Run The Trap decided to think about what EDM superstars would do best in a movie like this, these are some of our highlights.

Dillon Francis: He has already proved his acting chops in his DJ Hanzel series, and his charisma practically glows off of him during his DJ sets.

Diplo (And whatever posse he is hanging out with this week): His social media is always ablaze with pictures of him hanging out with random people. Anyone from Lorde + Mac Miller to the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. So casting Diplo is an attempt to bring whoever he is hanging out with that week with im .

That chick at the club who gets to go to the front of the line even though you have been waiting for 45 minutes because she’s cousins with the DJ’s ex-girlfriend’s sister: Mostly because we all know her.

Borgore: I’m not sure if I would ever actually want to see him in a movie as much as I would want to see how he would act in a performance setting with a director telling him what to do. Mainly because Borgore does, what Borgore wants.


Will Ferrell to Produce R Rated Romantic Comedy, ‘I’m in Love With the DJ’


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