Pharrell Kills It at Coachella [Video]


Coachella valley was feeling the magic last night when Pharrell Williams took the stage and delivered perhaps one of the greatest performances the festival has ever seen. The set covered many of Pharrell’s biggest hits spanning the entire last decade and featured guest performances by NellyBusta RhymesTyler the CreatorSnoop Dogg (Snooooop!), Gwen Stefani, and even a cameo by Diplo.

The performance was a stark contrast to the bizzare ending of the Outkast show from the previous night; sound was dialed in, transitions were tight and there was never a point where any of it felt rushed despite the many guests and choreographed dancers. Pharrell complained a little about the dusty wind (don’t go to Burningman ‘Relly!and his voice was fading a little by the end of the set… but all in all this was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen at Coachella… and I remember when the lineup was heavy with punk bands.

The entire performance was captured via YouTube so you can enjoy it at your leisure right here. The first thing I thought was “Oh, wow, he’s really going for it with that hat… okay, good for him, I guess” followed by “Why are there holes in the hat? There aren’t supposed to be holes in a Vivienne Westwood hat.”


I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re either to reduce wind drag or they turn the hat into a sweet mask (see my talented rendition above, any Dumb Donald fans? ****)

Pharrell Kills It at Coachella [Video]