Flosstradamus ft. Travis Porter – Drop Top [Stream]


The HDYBYZ have enlisted the help of hip-hop trio Travis Porter for a 5-man trap music heater that simply speaks for itself. For their latest track, Flosstradamus brings their signature brand of gritty, hard-knocking trap on “Drop Top” along with in-your-face lyrical cuts from dance music’s go-to rap stars. After a successful pairing with Diplo on his twerk anthem “Biggie Bounce,” Travis Porter deliver much harder, sharper verses to go along with the instant-classic Flosstradamus trap beat.

“Drop Top” begins with a rolling hi-hat arrangement as the bumping beat sets in. The rappers come in as the track builds and with the break, Floss takes over with their thumping synth work that nearly knocks the wind out of you. Layered throughout the first break is a low end vocal loop that leads back into the rappers’ party-primed lyrics. The second drop comes but this time, the best of both worlds come together as the twin-turbo HDYBYZ up the ante with a teeth-grinding break matched with fresh Travis Porter cuts twisted throughout.

Dropping their latest hell-raiser via A-Trak‘s Fool’s Gold Records and Ultra Music, the joint super group deliver “Drop Top” just in time to demolish festival crowds, and as always, tear clubs down. The track is available for purchase via iTunes, and streaming below.

Flosstradamus ft. Travis Porter – Drop Top | iTunes


Flosstradamus ft. Travis Porter – Drop Top [Stream]


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