Da-P – Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack remix)

When we ask our facebook fans who their favorite producer is right now, 30% of them say Mr. Carmack. Why? bc its f*cking Carmack, bro. Don’t you know these things? This new one Da-P – dark hadou (carmack remix) is completely nutso, and had one of our writers, quote: “Questioning my sanity”. When you’re putting out all the best music, you can experiment, and I would say that this experiment was a success. Note that the original track Da-P – Dark Hadou (Soulection white label)is amazing in its own right, and the 808’s are just absurd; We included the original below as well just in case .

Stream the Da-P – dark hadou (Mr. Carmack remix) and try to hold on to your sanity. Enjoy.

mr. carmack


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Da-P – Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack remix)

Da-P – Dark Hadou | Free Download (320 Kbps)


Da-P – Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack remix)


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