The Best Free Album & EP Releases of 2013


Without a doubt, 2013 has been a spectacularly eventful year for electronic music. Though we’ve watched certain sounds fall from grace (sorry dubstep, RIP for now), we’ve really entered into a transitional period that’s allowing for some incredible and unique producers to make their way into the public spotlight; all made possible, of course, thanks to the internet. The internet changed the face of the music industry permanently and since the illegal Napster days, fat-cat music executives have all been running around trying to figure out a way to monetize the web so they could get back to cashing checks and not paying artists (enter Spotify and Pandora, the latest **** you to musicians). And while it looks like streaming services are beginning to replace traditional downloading (actually, it would seem that there is a polarization going on with a smaller but notable minority heading towards the vinyl market) I’m going to express my increasingly unpopular opinion

I’m not particularly fond of streaming music.

I mean yes, its amazing to have instant tracks from anyone anywhere at the click of a button but if music is a drug, that shit is Salvia — bruh, you couldn’t find any weed?– I don’t trust anyone who likes Salvia  just like I don’t trust anyone who likes streaming music; that shit is just not high quality. Next time you encounter DJ YouTube at a party… sit that bitch down.(And when the zombie apocalypse arrives, where will your internet streams be then? Lewdite will be ready, everyone knows you can distract zombies with funk. Source: Thriller).

I know you agree with me my trappy brothers and sisters so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite aka “The Best” free releases of 2013. Everything on this list is available as a free download
(or pay what you want) so be sure to show these artists some love on Facebook and Twitter and support their live shows.

Keep in mind that these are just my picks. If you think I missed anything, make sure to comment with a link; I’ll be adding your top picks as we approach the end of the year! DO IT.

Best Free Releases of 2013:

ƱZ – Balltrap Muzic Vol. 1

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

When I hear the words “Free Trap Music” this is the first thing I think of. If you think differently you’re dumb and you should feel bad. Get a blog! (jk <3)

Free Download

and oh, these are all pretty incredible and free too:


Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

If you ain’t heard of BENZI and his GIRL TRAPZ series, you’re about to. See what I did there? Vol. 3 is a 47 track compilation of incredible free trap all in high quality so you can bang it like they do in the club. The turn up is so, so real. Even the acapellas that were distributed for vol. 4 were amazing. You should just download all teh Girl Trapz.

Free Download 

Flosstradamus – X EPs

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

There was a little controversy over samples in the second installment, but this was one of the hotter free releases of the year for sure (thanks hypertrack and thissongissick for the streams). It took a little scouring of the internet, but I made some nice DL links for you. You’re welcome!

X1 Free Download

X2 Free Download

X3 Free Download

Bro Safari & UFO! – Animal LP

Bro Safari

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | China Black Recordings

This one is a little baffling because its a totally free Bro Safari + UFO LP. 10 tracks. They could have easily charged 10 bucks for this on itunes or beatport or whatever but they chose not to. Remember that next time you see them come to town.

Free Download

Soulection – Thank You Compilation

Soundcloud Twitter Facebook | Website

Okay so I have a little bit of a musical crush on Soulection. I discovered them through Joe Kay‘s Kbeach broadcast and they’ve  absolutely blown up over the last year. Supporting releases from artists like Jo Def, Iamnobodi, Dpat, Sango, Abjo, Esta, Ta-ku  and more, their Thank You Compilation is easily one of the best free future bass releases of the year. Be sure to check out their other releases too, most of which are available as ‘pay what you want.’

Astro Nautico – Atlantics Vol. 3

Soundcloud Twitter Facebook

It’s a bit out there (a little psychedelic even) but the depth and versatility of Astro Nautico’s Atlantics Vol. 3 definitely makes it worth listening to in its entirety. Released on 4/20 of this past year (you know these are our peoples) this compilation makes for some excellent cloudy day listening, especially if you’re putting trees in the air.

Baauer – Tour USB

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

We’ve already established that I’m one of those people who really appreciates music in a physical medium and you’ve undoubtedly listened to the mix I did for our 30K subscribers on YouTube so was there any doubt I’d put our boy’s Tour USB on here? Yeah I’m jelly of whoever originally ripped the USB. If you’re out there, I’ll trade you an autographed Lewdite record for it ;)

Download all 4 Tracks From Baauer’s USB Here

Party Favor – 30K EP

Soundcloud Facebook Twitter

It’s only three tracks long but Touch was an instant classic the moment I heard it. Party Favor is definitely one of my favorite discoveries of 2013 and one of the more fan-appreciating DJs on the circuit right now.

Free Download Link

Buygore All Stars Vol. 2

Soundcloud Facebook Twitter | Website

Even though I didn’t like every track on this compilation (its definitely got some of  that dubstep crossover feel), there are some really noteworthy tracks and again, they could have easily gotten away with charging 10 bucks for this but didn’t. That should count for something! Personal favorites are Spanish Fly VIP by J.Rabbit , At Dawn We RageNothing Bad and the Look At Me Now  remix by Maison Cartel. You have to click through to each song and download them individually, but just as well.

Whiiite – Beekeeper EP

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Whiiite is another producer who’s been quietly putting out some absolutely killer free tunes that one would usually expect to have to pay for. Just have a listen to his most recent two EPs, The Beekeeper and Nightmares, you’ll see why

Thugli – Onslaught EP

Soundcloud Twitter Facebook

Run This is one of my standout tracks of 2013 and the homie Thugli is particularly generous with his music over soundcloud. Much <3 Thuggy!

and some extra bonus joints:

Free Drinkz – Legacy Tracks

Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

One of our favorite trap duos, we’re sad to see them split up over “creative differences” (aka bullshit drama) but its bound to happen with moderate success! What we can be grateful for is the legacy of free music that they’ve put into the cyber ether. Everyone knows you can’t truly appreciate an act until they’re gone anyway:

All Free Drinkz Downloads Are Free

ODESZA – My Friends Never Die EP

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

If you’ve been following our lovetrap series (so, so excellent) you’ll have probably already downloaded this but on the off-chance that you haven’t…. you’re in for a treat.

Free Downloads 

Gangsta Boo & Sinjin Hawke – Yea Hoe

Soundcloud | Twitter Facebook

ME AND MY GANGSTA *****S GOT A ****IN’ FAMILY. Favorite track of the year, straight up.(It’s the first track on our 30K subscribers mix which is also available as a free download) I’M ABOUT THAT.

Free Download

Atlantic Connection

Website Soundcloud | Facebook

One of my favorite LA producers and on the forefront of the ‘future soul’ movement, Atlantic Connection frequently releases super high-qaulity remixes of whatever track he might be feeling at the moment yielding some really incredible and unique pieces. There’s just something about his production style that gives his music a more sophisticated  sound… I tend to describe it as “electronic music for adults.”

Hucci – Rose Gold EP

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

All cashmire errythang! That’s how I roll.

Free Download (Courtesy of our friends at

Jacuzzi – Mizu EP

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Another release that didn’t quite recieve the attention it deserved, the Mizu EP is a beautifuly clean 5 track EP with cinematic elements that really manage to take you through a 15 minute musical story. Download, sit back and enjoy the ride:

Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

Fool’s Gold Recs

Best Hip Hop Album of 2013. hmu if u agree. Please stop sending me angry e-mails, Kanye.

Reader Picks?

Alright, alright, enough of what I think, we want to hear what you think the best free releases of 2013 were! If there are any free releases that you think should be on this list, leave a comment or give us a tweet with a link; I’ll be adding your picks as we approach the end of the year.

Trappy Holidaze everyone! Buy my record (so music. much vinyl). or a snapback. Or **** it, get both. Treat yo self one last time in 2013.

<3 Lewdite



The Best Free Album & EP Releases of 2013

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