DJ Mag Gets Sexist With Their “Ladies Guide to Pioneer CDJ-2000″

Well, DJ Mag is at it again. We already know how much of a joke their “Top 100 DJs” list is but somehow DJ Mag continues to alienate themselves from the EDM community. In their December 2013 issue, DJ Mag included a “satirical” article entitle “Ladies Guide to Pioneer CDJ-2000″ where they go one to explain how the CDJ works in terms that women can understand. They do mark at the bottom saying Only Joking! but this is just plain distasteful.  With jokes like “let the men do it for you” and “you better get your boyfriend”  DJ Mag once again spurns any ounce of credibility they have.  The fact that they had to put “Only Jokin!” on the picture shows they know some people wont get it, but they decided to throw the post out to the masses anyways.  The EDM scene is full of successful women and I hate seeing the notion of sexism brought up in any form.  I mean, has DJ Mag even heard of Annie Mac, ill-Esha, Tokimonsta, or any of the countless ladies killing it out there?
You can look at the picture below and decide for yourself if it was a distasteful publication or not. DJ Mag has since posted a Rant N Rave column to try and prove that their article was “OK” but I still don’t think it was the right thing to do. Drop a comment below and let us know if you think the picture is sexist or not and feel free to give us your opinion of DJ Mag as well.

EDIT*  DJ Mag is claiming the image came out with this article actually going against sexist behavior, but that isn’t the point here. They still went about trying to deliver their message the wrong way. People look at that image and immediately get a bad taste in their mouth. I just want to see a scene where women are treated as equals, not where supposed “jokes” like this one are commonplace. Again, they had to make note on the picture of “Just Jokin!” already acknowledging that people were going to take the article the wrong way. And to agree with what HerBeats said, why not just post a picture of a female DJ here?


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DJ Mag Gets Sexist With Their “Ladies Guide to Pioneer CDJ-2000″

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