Kid Kamillion Exclusive RTT Interview + Bugatti Remix

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with one of our favorite up and coming producers in the game right now. Kid Kamillion, the New Orleans bred trap producer has been absolutely killing it lately. Having recently released a banger EP entitled Double Feature, consisting of some huge tracks, along with other releases and projects on the horizon, the future is looking bright for Kid Kamillion and we are definitely excited to see what else the Kid has up his sleeve. We caught up with him to bring you guys a little inside look into the producer perspective, but also to get to know a little bit about the dude behind the decks. Check it out.


Kid Kamillion

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RTT: First, lets get to know about your greatest musical influences, both electronic and non-electronic artists. 

“Way too many man, but since you asked: Rick Rubin, Quincy Jones, Daft Punk (pre-hype circa ’98), Michael Jackson, Chemical Brothers, Pharrell, Armand Van Helden, classic Three 6 Mafia, DJ Funk, DJ AM… and the list goes on. We will be here all night if I Keep going.”


RTT: Growing up in New Orleans, how do you feel southern hip-hop culture has shaped your style as a producer today?

“Growing up all over the South really reflects in my production in so many ways. New Orleans alone though has a sound that, much like the food, is amazing.”


RTT: Who would you consider to be your favorite producers in the game right now?

“The dudes killin’ it right now would have to be TNGHT, TWR72, RL Grime, Carnage, Boys Noize, GTA, Amine Edge & Floss for sure.”


RTT: If you could collaborate with any artist today, who would it be and why?

“Kinda cliche, but doing a dope record with Lil Wayne might be interesting being that we are both from the same era of music and New Orleans.”


RTT: Explain what it was like watching your remix of “heads will roll” blow up and how gratifying that must have been.

“It was surreal. Its was like finally getting that a seal of approval on your talent. I never really had much confidence in my production until that day when my soundcloud & online servers shut down within 30mins of Atrak posting my remix. It was played out at every major festival in 2012 that summer & still in rotation for 2013. So blessed for that break.”


RTT: Who do you think the best up-and-coming DJ’s are right now?

“Although already popular but is still on rise… I would say RL Grime. Not only is he a dope producer but is well seasoned in all genres. It shows in his DJ sets. There has been a huge rise in mediocre bedroom DJs & producers over the last few years, but I feel that RL Grime is really going to stand out for a while. “


RTT: Tell us about your favorite DJ set you have seen? who was it, where was it, what made their set so great?

“Boys Noize, [Club] Ampersand, New Orleans 2010. First time he ever played NOLA after Voodoo Fest & smashed the club with forward thinking techno in an unforward thinking town. Totally changed the way I play music now. I know recently the Dog Blood stuff has been blowing up with Skrillex, but my first impression of him will always be that set.”


RTT: Other than producing Trap/Hip-Hop influenced music, is there another genre of music that especially interests you as far as producing in the future?

“Funny you ask, I just recently started a House music label with some close friends of mine called Pool Club. We’ve been producing these deep disco & tech house jams for our pool parties. I definitely see this project progressing on a parallel level with Kid Kamillion, but in a totally different scene. Go check us out.”


RTT: Following “Double Feature” and “X2Sea” what else can we expect from Kid Kamillion in 2013?

“Well… Ive got this dope Twerk/Bounce/Bass EP coming out on Benzi’s, ‘Get Right’ Record label. It’s different form everything else that I have put out, but still has the same style & energy as my previous tracks. Its def a good fit for my sound & the label. I’ve also been collaborating with a notable Hip-Hop artist from Philly that I can’t mention at the time but will be amazing once it’s finished.”


Now that you have a little background around the Kid, we figured we would mix it up a little bit and get to know the good fella outside of his producer persona. We had a chance to ask Kid Kamillion some outside the box questions, check them out below.


RTT: What is your most embarrassing moment playing a show

“Every show as its embarrassing moments. Always starts with something stupid like hitting a pause button on a stage in front of 500 people while, your friends are throwing you shots, drunk broads bum-rushing stages with their overconfident twerking moves causing an avalanche in audio gear that ends up getting knocked over. That’s never really happened to me all at once but I’m sure it has to someone. Or my favorite… the awkward moment after you grab the mic and give shout out without any crowd response.”


RTT: other than producing trap/hip-hop influenced music, is there another genre of music that especially interest you as far as producing in the future?

“Funny you ask, I just recently started a House music label with some close friends of mine called Pool Club. We’ve been producing these, deep disco & tech house, jams for our pool parties. I definitely see this project progressing on a parallel level with Kid Kamillion, but in a totally different scene. Go check us out. ”


RTT: Celebrity crush? (extra points if the answer is amanda bynes)

A. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones!! She bad!! (drake voice)


RTT: which do you favor? playing a packed club or a festival stage? Why?

“I would say both because they offer 2 totally different vibes. If I had to choose one, it would def be festivals. Festival vibe is like one huge field of positive energy & you are in full control. People show up to festivals to be entertained & even educated. It will be an amazing feeling to look back in life having performed in front of big crowds that.”


RTT: Favorite superhero, why?

“I would have to say Batman. He’s a baller, gets the girls & has a dope whip. Spiderman doesn’t have that.”


RTT: other hobbies?

“In what little free time I have, I love Skateboarding & BMX. Who needs a gym when you have the streets?! I also dabble in some areas of Graphic Design & sneaker collecting.”


END Interview


We’re excited so see what Kid Kamillion has lined up for the future, and we have his Ace Hood – Bugatti (Kid Kamillion Bootleg) available exclusively for Run The Trap readers.


 Ace Hood ft, Future & Rick Ross – Bugatti (Kid Kamillion Bootleg) | Free Download (320 Kbps)



Kid Kamillion Exclusive RTT Interview + Bugatti Remix

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