Baauer – Harlem Shake VIP (Radio Rip)

The Brooklyn beast from the east, the man that won the internet, Harry Rodrigues, otherwise known as Baauer has been on full internet takeover mode since the Harlem Shake phenomenon started a couple weeks ago. Because of the Baauer – Harlem Shake video meme craze, he’s hit #1 on itunes for harlem shake, #1 on Billboard, and will be featured on the cover of next months Billboard Magazine. This must be pretty surreal to him, and props to Baauer on all his success. This dude is definitely at the top of our list as one of our favorite producers in the game right now (not necessarily for Harlem Shake), for all his recent gems he’s been putting out as of late. Check out our recent post with 5 unreleased Baauer tunes as well as his Higher Collaboration with Just Blaze to listen to some previews of the new ish he’s going to be dropping soon.

One of our sources sent us along a recently discovered gem, titling the file “Baauer Killing It”. When we had a listen we found the dope Baauer – Harlem Shake VIP, and Baauer did in fact kill it on this one.. The first time we heard a little clip of this Harlem Shake VIP was in RL Grime’s Boiler Room Set way back 5 months ago, and now that is has resurfaced again we just had to share it to our readers… No details on the release of the Baauer – Harlem Shake VIP (if it ever does get released), but we’ll keep you updated when we find out more info. 



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Baauer – Harlem Shake VIP (Radio Rip) | Stream Only


Baauer – Harlem Shake (Original Mix) | Buy on itunes

Baauer – Harlem Shake VIP (Radio Rip)

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  1. that remix is terrible.

  2. This isn’t a VIP, it’s a rework/bootleg by a guy named Nave

    • nave actually did a rework of the VIP which he looped. This is the non-looped original VIP from Baauer

    • jimmy, naves bootleg is a looped edit of baauer’s VIP, as u can see in the description on his soundcloud he credits baauer on the original VIP

  3. didnt he play this in his own boiler room set he did?

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