Butch Clancy – P&B + #TRAPTUESDAYS

Butch Clancy has recently started an installment of free trap tracks every Tuesday, and a few of these are extremly dope. We have seen amazing productions from him in the dubstep game and I knew after his first take on a trap track that we would see some absolutely huge trap tracks from him.  Real name Scott Pitcock, has been producing for 12 years now, and I for one, am so excited to see him start producing heavy trap tracks. Check out his latest track P&B and grab the rest of his #TRAPTUESDAY tracks for free below.





Butch Clancy

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Butch Clancy – P&B + Trap Tuesday Collection    |||   Download ALL TRAP TUESDAYS HERE


Butch Clancy – P&B + #TRAPTUESDAYS

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