The Lovetrap Series. I Got Vibes 005

We got some super dope vibes for you in this edition of the Lovetrap Series. Both new and old, these are some of my favorite tracks to just kick back relax and burn one to. If you dig these beats, go out and show these artists some <3. Like them on Facebook or check out the labels and collectives they are appart of.

Sweater Beats out of NYC has been a recent revelation for me after being first introduced to his music by a homie from The Interstellar Pig management team. His beats have a distinctive chill vibe I absolutely love. Check out the HW&W (Huh What & Where) label he is on for some more quality booty gems and a whole list of other dope artists including Ta-Ku and Kaytranada. Keep your eyes peeled for a release on HW&W in January with a remix by Branchez.

Next up I wanna highlight Sango. This young producer out of Grand Rapids, Michigan caught my attention a few months ago with his edit of Nas’ “You Owe Me”. This young talent has put out material on Soulection and also has an abundance of quality tunes on his Soundcloud. Make sure you also check out the Soulection Bandcamp for a ton of dope music  from a bunch of different talented artists.

Ta-Ku is an artist that We’ve highlighted before but we really thought that his remix of Snakadaktal’s “Dance Bear” deserved another listen. It’s gotta be up there as one of my favorite vibed out tracks of the year.

I hope you enjoy these beats as much as I do. Go out and support these amazing artists. <3 <3 <3






Sweater Beats

Soundcloud | Facebook | HW&W | Bandcamp

Sweater Beats – I Got You     >  Free Download (320 kbps) <

PAPERCUTZ – Where Beasts Die (Sweater Beats Remix)



Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soulection

Kaytranada & Sango – Down4U   >  Free Download – Booty Bakery Comp – (320 kbps) <

Craig David – Fill Me In (Sango Remix)     >  Free Download (320 kbps) <

Nas – You Owe Me (Ft. Ginuwine) (Sango Edit)    >  Free Download (320 kbps) <


Ta – Ku

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Sunday Records

Ta-Ku – RE ϟ TWERK EP + Artist Highlight

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear (Ta-ku Remix)     >  Free Download (320 kbps) <

Ta-Ku – Dip That       >  Free Download (320 kbps) <



Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

ViLLΛGE – Takeover EP   via  Origami Sound

VILLΛGE – Takeover    >  Download (320 kbps) <

Yuna x Adventure Club – Lullabies (ViLLΛGE Remix)      >  Download (320 kbps) <



Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

T-E-E-D  –  Trouble (Lunice Remix)    >  FreeDownload (320 kbps) <


Ryan Hemsworth

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Grimes – Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)    >   Free Download (320 kbps) <


Yarin Lidor

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

JEREMIH – BIRTHDAY SEX (YARIN LIDOR Remix)   >  Free Download (320 kbps) <



Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Kiings – Explain Myself    >  Free Download (320 kbps) <

The Lovetrap Series. I Got Vibes 005