M!NT – On Some Other Shit [RTT Exclusive/Artist Spotlight] + Bonus Tracks

We’ve got a brand new exclusive from the one man show stopper that blowing up on the 808 bass scene “M!NT”. This dude has dropped sick track after sick track, and even though this new alias has just recently popped up, let me assure you that he’s been producing tracks for some years now under multiple projects (some that you’ve probably heard of).

When talking to M!NT about his new project he simply stated: “I’m just trying to bring musicality back into production. Everyone these days can make a good hip hop/trap beat with good software, but by making songs relevant musically and showcasing smart song structure and adding some catchy melodies, it really pushes music further than it would if it were just some banger…”

We couldn’t agree more..It’s great to see value being brought into production musically and structurally, and although hard hitting bangers are great as well, there needs to be some technique and skill that sets them apart; and is in Fact “On Some Other Shit” than the standard social norm.

Check out this sick new exclusive from the man himself “M!NT – On Some Other Shit”, and he’s been dropping a new release every week so make sure you pick all of those bonus tracks below.


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M!NT – On Some Other Shit [RTT EXCLUSIVE] | Free Download [FB] (320 Kbps)



M!NT – Journeys | Free Download [FB] (320 Kbps)



M!NT – Twenty Five | Free Download [FB] (320 Kbps)



M!NT – Diamonds | Free Download [FB] (320 Kbps)



M!NT – AnOde/What’s Lost | Free Download [FB] (320 Kbps)

M!NT – On Some Other Shit [RTT Exclusive/Artist Spotlight] + Bonus Tracks